How do I setup SMTP to send Email notfications?

Dana Anderson -

Several Cerberus features require an SMTP server to be configured to enable the server to send emails. Email event actions, password expiration notification, web password resets, and public file sharing all require an SMTP server.

You can add an SMTP server configuration on the Event Targets page of the Event Manager.   


Open the Cerberus UI and click the Events toolbar button.



The Event Targets page allows you to add email servers. Go to Events -> Event Targets.


Click the New button on the top-right side of the targets page and select New SMTP Target.



Cerberus currently supports the SMTP protocol, including SMTP with implicit TLS encryption and explicit TLS encryption with STARTTLS. If your server requires it, SMTP server credentials can be configured by selecting the SMTP Authentication checkbox.


 When you are finished adding the SMTP server details, press the Update button to save your configuration.



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