Why am I getting a "Service failed to start" error when installing Cerberus FTP Server 9.0

Grant -

Cerberus FTP Server 9.0 introduces a new dependency on the Microsoft Universal CRT library.  A fully patched Windows machine with all service packs and updates should already have this library installed, but if Cerberus doesn't detect it on the machine then the installer will attempt to download and install the prerequisite from Microsoft's site.

If the Cerberus installer cannot download the prerequisite from Microsoft (either because of a network or firewall issue), the Cerberus installation will still proceed.  However, the Cerberus FTP Server Windows Service may not be able to start if the library isn't on the machine.  That will result in a "Service failed to start" error near the end of the installation process.

To resolve this issue, you can manually download and install the Microsoft Universal CRT library from:


The link above will download the appropriate 32 or 64-bit installer for the Microsoft CRT library. After you install the CRT library you will then be able to install Cerberus FTP Server 9.0.

Please note that the Microsoft Universal CRT library will not install on a machine without the latest service packs and updates. 

If you can't install the CRT then this is likely your problem.  Check and make sure you really have the latest service pack installed for your machine.


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