I cannot use a remote share as an NT home directory when authenticating a user against a domain.

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NOTE: This no longer applies to Cerberus FTP Server or higher. The latest version of Cerberus FTP Server can now access virtual directories mapped to remote shares for domain users.


The following comments apply only for users using domain authentication to login to the FTP server.

The login method used to authenticate a user against the domain does not allow access to network shares. The technical reason is that the token granted through the logon method Cerberus is using is a network logon for the user with no network credentials. You can use the resulting token on the local machine, but can't impersonate a user using this token in order to authenticate with remote servers. When Cerberus tries, it ends up establishing a null session (how Windows represents an anonymous user) with the remote server instead.

There are two options to resolve the problem:

  • Upgrade to Cerberus FTP Server or higher, - or -
  • Make the share anonymous.


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