Why am I being prompted for a Remote Access password after installing Cerberus FTP Server?

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The remote access settings control HTTP and HTTPS web administration and SOAP access to Cerberus FTP Server. When Cerberus is running as a Windows Service, the GUI connects to and communicates with the Cerberus Windows Service through a remote access API called SOAP. The Cerberus Windows Service listens for SOAP connections on the Port specified under the Remote settings page of the Server Manager. That port must be available for Cerberus to listen on or the GUI will be unable to connect to the local Windows Service.

Most users will never see the Remote Access connection dialog because it is only shown when the Cerberus GUI can't connect to the underlying Windows Service. This usually happens because:

  1. A DLL needs updating after installation and the service and GUI cannot communicate properly until it does
  2. --or-- The GUI and Windows Service passwords are out of sync (or one had never been set)

Before going any further, restart the machine to ensure the problem is not a DLL issue. This will usually fix the problem. If the problem persists after restarting, continue with the instructions below.

If a remote access password had never been set, or the UI password has been lost, then the UI may not be able to connect to the underlying Windows Service. The solution is to temporarily shut down the Cerberus Windows Service, start Cerberus in application mode, and then set a remote access password so that the GUI and Windows Service can communicate. Here are the steps:

  1. Open up the Service Control Manager and stop the Cerberus FTP Server Service. You will see "Cerberus FTP Server" listed in the services list. You can access the Service Control Manager by going into the Control Panel, selecting Administrative Tools, and then Services. Once the Service Control Manager is open, right-click on the Cerberus FTP Server service and select Stop.
  2. You can now start Cerberus in application mode by clicking on the Cerberus FTP Server icon on the desktop or through the Program Manager. It should startup in application mode without any prompts for passwords. If you are not running as an Administrator then right click on the icon and "Run as Administrator" to ensure the application is started with the correct privileges.
  3. In Cerberus FTP Server, open the Server Manager and select the Remote page. There is a button to set an Admin password. Set it to anything you like and click Save to close the Server Manager.
  4. You can now go to the File menu and select Exit from the menu. This will shut down Cerberus FTP Server and close the application.
  5. Restart the Cerberus FTP Server service from the Service Control Panel. Right-click on the service and select Start.

You should now be able to start and connect to Cerberus FTP Server normally by clicking on the Desktop application icon.


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