How do I configure Cerberus FTP Server to run as a service?

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Cerberus FTP Server is automatically installed and started as a Windows Service when the installer is run. If you would like to remove it for some reason, or install it as a service again after removing it, you can do so from the Advanced page of the Server Manager. We recommend always running Cerberus FTP Server as a Windows Service. You can install or uninstall Cerberus as a Windows Service by going to the Advanced page of the Server Manager and selecting or unselecting the Install As A Service checkbox. See the image below:


Advanced tab of Cerberus FTP Server

The Windows Service option on the Advanced page of the Server Manager

If you haven't enabled Remote Access from the Remote tab of the Server Manager then you will be prompted to enable it now. Remote access is necessary for the user interface to communicate with the server when Cerberus is running as a Windows Service. When you select "Install as a Windows Service" you will be prompted to set a remote access password. This password will be encrypted and later used by the user interface to connect to the service when you start the Cerberus GUI.

Password change dialog

Password change dialog for setting the Remote Access password

NOTE: You must give the process permission to install the service after pressing OK. You will require an account that has permission to install a Windows Service. This should normally be an Administrator account. On some operating systems you will be prompted for the credentials to an Administrator account, similiar to the dialog below:

Windows run as credentials dialog prompt

Windows Run As Credentials Prompt

NOTE: This only installs Cerberus FTP Server as a Window Service. You have to either close the currently running instance of Cerberus FTP Server and start it again from the Service Control Panel or restart the computer to have Cerberus run as a Windows Service.


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