Why does issuing the FTP LIST command result in an error message?

Grant -

There are several possible explanations to this problem, but the FTP LIST command usually fails because the passive IP address being give out is incorrect, or the passive port range hasn't been forwarded from your router to the machine running Cerberus FTP Server.

Your network may be running a firewall, or your computer may be behind a router. See the section on I am connected to the internet through a router. How should I configure my router to allow FTP traffic? for more information.

If you are using a router with Cable or DSL to connect your computer to the Internet, you may need to enable port forwarding. Consult your router documentation on how to enable port forwarding for FTP.

Finally, if you can, instruct your clients to connect using passive FTP mode (initiated by the client using the PASV command). Active FTP (initiated by the client with the PORT command), requires the client's network to be configured to allow incoming data connections.  Active FTP will rarely work outside of local networks.


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