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Adding a New User



  • Graham Measures

    How do you setup a user to a specific port for FTPS explicit over TLS . eg port 989

  • Dana Anderson
    Product Support

    Hello, Graham. 

    While you can't specify the port, you can controls which protocols a user is allowed to log in with.

    If you wanted your user to use only FTPS:

    Click on constraints 
    From here you can enable/disable the protocols you wish for the end-user to use. In your case, Only "AllowFTPS" would be checked.

  • Joachim Reckers

    We use the "allowed IP addresses" field as an extra security measure to only allow connections for that user from that IP adresses.

    We also add those IP adresses in the IP Manager as allowed IP.

    This works fine, but we now have an user with an IPv6 IP address. The IPv6 can be configured in the IP Manager, but not in the "allowed IP addresses" field under a user. We get the error message "Please enter one of more comma separated valid networkk addresses in doc-decimal, CIDR, or range notation.".

    Is it possible to configure an IPv6 IP address in the "allowed IP addresses" field under an user? Or do we need to convert them to IPv4?

    We use Cerberus Professional


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