Connection timed out - Shutting down connection...


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    Jeff Scott

    Hi Julio,

    I can understand your frustration, especially when trying to track down a single user who is having issues.  If none of your other users are facing this issue, than you may want to focus troubleshooting around that user.  It could be their firewall settings which are causing issues. Since more people are working remotely, maybe they are using a VPN while trying to connect.  You can see if by disconnecting from the VPN if that makes a difference.  Perhaps it is the client they are using, you could have them try using another SFTP client to see if there is any difference.  They may have some security software installed locally on their machine that could be impacting connections.  I would recommend first verifying that you can connect that user via SFTP from another machine.  Then try with a different client.  If the user can change networks, you can then have them try from a different network. 



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