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  • Dana Anderson
    Product Support

    Hello, David. 


    If you don't want to receive multiple notifications. May I suggest creating a session report? 

    This will email you a report of all user file activity that occurred while a user was logged in once the user logs off. 

    You can find more information on creating that report here:



  • Chris Johnson


    That would not be a feasible for us as we have potentially lots of customers each having their own session report event. 

    We are a magazine printer and customers can upload any number of PDFs dependent on the page count of their publication, to receive say 100 confirmation emails, one for each page, would become very frustrating for the user and could grey/blacklist our company purely by accident.

    Chris Johnson

  • Dana Anderson
    Product Support

    With a session report, you wouldn't receive "100's confirmation emails, one for each page"

    You would just receive one email when the user logs off. The one email you would receive would contain file activity that occurred during that session. 

    I would at least give the feature a test run and see if it meets your needs. 

  • David N

    Did this but the information is not usable.

    The Folder/filename where file was updated is compressed with "..." and there is way to much information that is not needed.

    Any way to edit the content or at least only have the folder show what from the users root access?

  • Jason Thompson

    When uploading multiple files (lets say 10) at once in the interface will produce 10 separate emails.

    The suggestion of a session report is unhelpful if a user is logged on, uploading 10 documents at a time with a gap in between uploads that is not long enough to log them to be logged out, then generating a session report.

    The issue then is that there is no notification that documents are being uploaded until all is said and done, which at the end can be hundreds. These batches of files could be looked at and addressed as they came in if notifications could be sent for each batch.

    This leaves us with a choice of email spam of hundreds of notifications or not knowing about uploads until the end which would cause massive delays and backlogs of work.

    Is there no way to either 1) get summarized notifications (single email for all files uploaded together) or 2) be able to monitor a folder for new files at n interval and send a notification that new files were detected?

    Thank you.

  • Connor Woolfolk
    Community Manager

    Hello Jason!

    We do have an incoming enhancement around how email notifications go out in relation to activity. While I do not have a slated date of release, it has been requested by a number of our users so I am hopeful it will come sooner rather than later.

    Could I ask why the session report is unhelpful? It should give you a report with all of their activity, in a single email.


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