Auto Block IP adresses based on country or threat level Completed
8 votes 17 comments
SAML or OpenID support
7 votes 14 comments
Single User in Multiple Groups Completed
14 votes 12 comments
Let's Encrypt Certificate function + automatically renewal
10 votes 12 comments
Duo Web v4 SDK - Duo Universal Prompt update? Completed
4 votes 11 comments
Allow edit of SFTP public Key in web user admin interface Completed
2 votes 11 comments
Unable to download from Cerberus Server
0 votes 10 comments
Unable to create thread for connection Answered
0 votes 9 comments
How to Schedule an Event to Sync files from Offsite sFTP to local file directory
0 votes 8 comments
Ability to have a dedicated SSH/SFTP host Key pair. Completed
4 votes 8 comments
Shell access is not permitted Completed
0 votes 8 comments
A folder was created ending with a period and now can't be deleted Completed
1 vote 8 comments
Server Console Admin Interface Answered
0 votes 8 comments
Public Download Notifications Completed
7 votes 8 comments
PRODuction & QA\Test sites.
0 votes 7 comments
Block any unknown username
0 votes 6 comments
Allow different authentication per listener
1 vote 6 comments
Not all interface is translated into Ukrainia
0 votes 6 comments
ZIP Progress Indication Completed
1 vote 6 comments
API vs GUI - add/remove from group
0 votes 6 comments
Setting up SMTP Error
0 votes 6 comments
1 email notification for multiple file uploads
4 votes 6 comments
Powershell and SOAP Answered
0 votes 6 comments
Active Directory Login for Admins Completed
20 votes 6 comments
Error while doing SOAP API
0 votes 5 comments
Disconnect reason: Invalid host key signature
0 votes 5 comments
Easy access to IP filtering from Log-manager view
0 votes 5 comments
OTP Email for Shared URLs
5 votes 5 comments