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Single User in Multiple Groups




  • Official comment
    Dana Anderson
    Product Support

    Hello, All. 

    It's been a while but I'm happy to say in Cerberus version 12.2.0

    This has been a long time in the making, We look forward to hearing how you use these features and how any additional improvements would help you with your file sharing needs. As always, we would love to hear your feedback.

  • Steve Hoyer

    Yes, but not just LDAP users please.

    And looking back to one of the suggestions of this in the forum...

    Personally, I'd just like to have additive security groups. If a user is granted access to the same folder through two groups, they have the highest level of access granted amongst the groups. I don't want a second class of groups. This could effectively double the number of groups we'd have to maintain.



  • Paul Jordan

    >additive security groups. If a user is granted access to the same folder through two groups, they have the highest level of access granted amongst the groups. 

    Yes!!! That would be great.

  • Joe Church

    I use groups to assign shared home directories for scenarios when multiple accounts need to access a shared directory.  One of the limitations I run into with groups is that only one directory gets assigned if a user is a member of multiple groups.  I'd be happier if the users gets all of the directories presented by each group, but it doesn't work that. 

  • Steve Hoyer

    I use groups not just for home directories but also to assure the everyone has all the appropriate login restrictions. This begs another question, "What about the details?"

    If someone is in two or more groups, how do you reconcile the Group Details? Especially if someone is granted rights into a folder via two different groups?


    Max Logins

    Disable Date

    Max Upload Filesize

    Allowed IP Addresses

    SSH Authentication Method

    Public Key Path

    AD or LDAP Public Key Attribute

    Multifactor Authentication

    Permitted Login Protocols.

  • Dana Anderson
    Product Support

    Just wanted to provide a quick update on this. 

    We expect to get more clarity on a timeline in the coming months. However, multiple group support is coming to Cerberus in the near future. 




  • Tom

    @Dana this is fantastic news. Thanks for the update!

  • Thomas Frearson

    Dana, thanks for the update, this is exciting news for us!

  • Dana Anderson
    Product Support

    Hi, All. 


    I see that we are all excited about the planned implementation of users to multiple groups. I do want to add a small disclaimer to set expectations. 

    Although this is planned. Features planned for a release may not happen due to circumstances beyond the control of engineering and/or product support. Cerberus reserves the right to modify product plans at any time. Feature requests set to "Planned" could be 0-24 months away. 

    Cerberus will keep you best informed on the progress as it becomes available.  



  • NickP

    Once it is possible to map an LDAP user to multiple groups, please also provide a way to:

    1) View an LDAP user and see what groups they are in.  And be able to add/remove groups from that pane.

    2) View a group and see users it contains. And be able to add/remove users from that pane.


  • Joseph Fenton

    bump! we definitely have the need to assign one ldap account to multiple cerberus groups to provide access to specific directories

  • Tom

    Yes! This feature will be a huge help to us. Can't wait try it out. Thank you, Dana Anderson!


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