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OTP Email for Shared URLs



  • Brian mcGovern

    Something like this would be incredibly useful for companies that do business with the Federal government. Often times they fall under compliance regimes that require some form of multi-factor authentication in order to access systems.   The ability to turn this on for people without an account would be incredibly helpful. Otherwise we have to create accounts for any person that needs to share files via Cerberus 

  • John Marshal

    This would allow me to use CerberusFTP to meet DFARS Regulations. This would be great to see in a future release.

  • Jerry Byron

    This would help us use CerberusFTP for Business to Business File Transfers of sensitive data. The current share options doesn't give us the Ability to verify the person still has access to the email account which causes an issue for us as we must verify the person who is getting access to the files is still authorized to access said files. If this can be implemented by next year we'd move all our sites to Cerberus as it has many features we'd want.

  • Robert Hamilton

    Would like this feature, following

  • Connor Woolfolk
    Community Manager

    Hello all,

    Just wanted to let everyone know, this feature is indeed in the works. I do not have a solid date or ETA on it that I can provide at this time, but I am hopeful that it will make it into a release sooner rather than later.


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