How can I configure the server to allow unencrypted FTP connections?

Grant -

By default, the Getting Started Wizard will configure FTP listeners to not allow unencrypted FTP connections. A user will receive a "521 Not logged in - Secure authentication required" if they attempt to login using unencrypted FTP when secure connections are required. If you wish to allow unencrypted FTP, you have to change the FTP listener to allow it. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Server Manager and select the Interfaces page.

    Disable Require Secure FTP

  2. Select the IP address of the FTP listener you are trying to log in on.
    Do not select the Default FTP listener. Changes to the Default listener will only be applied to any new IP addresses that are detected later.
  3. Un-check the options for Require Secure Control and Require Secure Data.
  4. Press OK to close the Server Manager and save your changes.
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